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At CreditCardProcess4Less, we realize how difficult it is to make a profit in today's economy. We believe that if we offer the finest service in the industry and significantly reduce your processing fees, we will be your processing company forever. We would rather have a client-for-life than take lots of money from you for a short period of time.

There are three basic costs in credit card processing. Interchange fees are the largest portion and are charged by the issuing banks. Your processor simply collects these fees and sends them on to the issuing banks. Credit card companies such as MasterCard® and Visa® charge assessments. Again, your processor collects and sends on to Visa/MasterCard. The balance is charged by processing companies for coordinating the transactions between the merchant, banks and credit card companies. This is the portion where we can save you money. How? Because we keep tight control of costs and we don't mind taking a smaller commission. Remember, we want you to be our customer for life!

All you need to do is fax us your two most recent monthly processing statements. Within 48 hours we'll show you exactly how much $$$ you'll save by processing with us. Fax them to 954-894-7718. Be sure to include your name, phone number, email address and what equipment you use for processing.

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