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Simple Statements

Because of the complexities of credit card processing, monthly transaction statements are typically difficult to understand. This is an important area of customer service that is often overlooked. That's why we make it a point to meet with you to thoroughly review your first statement. This gives you the confidence of knowing you are getting the low rates you contracted for, and gives us a chance to catch any opportunities for you to further lower your charges.

To give you an example of an easy-to-understand, straightforward statement, here is a statement from Worldpay.

Like all processor statements, your Worldpay Monthly Statement can be viewed online, free, using WorldPay's web-based reporting tool created exclusively for our merchants.

Your monthly statement will reflect either a Tiered account or a Cost Plus account depending on your account type. These statements look similar; however, the Card Fee Summary, is slightly different on each.


The Cost Plus Interchange Level displays specific Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover® interchange rates by category per card and transaction type, while the Tiered Interchange Level shows qualified, mid-qualified and non-qualified interchange rates.

Transaction Summary

The Transaction Summary is the core of the statement and consolidates your deposited batches, deductions and checking account deposits into one report.

Card Fee Summary

The Card Fee Summary breaks down the interchange and discount fees for each card type and qualification level.

Summary of All Fees

The Summary of All Fees provides the fees and adjustments to your account due to chargebacks, chargeback reversals, Interchange and assessment fees, discounts and financial adjustments.

Daily Deposit Detail

The Daily Deposit Detail columns provide summary information on your deposit activity by day.

  • a Terminal ID
  • b Paid Date (date your deposit was processed for funding)
  • c Batch Date (date your terminal was settled/transmitted to WorldPay)
  • d Batch Number
  • e Card Type
  • f Sales (shows the number of items sold and total amount per card type)
  • g Returns/Credits
  • h Daily Total (net dollar amount of your batch deposits for the day)
  • i Paid by WorldPay (net amount that was deposited into or deducted from your account on the Paid Date by WorldPay)
  • j Paid by 3rd Party (dollar amounts you were funded by the payment provider in separate deposits, for example by American Express®)
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